Accelerator71 To Help Bridge the Gap for Blockchain, AI and Emerging Tech Startups and SMEs in Dubai


Technology is transforming lives in multiple verticals, however, the challenge that still lots of technology companies experience is finding out their true potential and target region where they can innovate and scale. To help ease that pressing challenge, Accelerator71 has set-up a consortium platform that understands numerous use cases cutting across blockchain, AI, IoT, Robotics, Big Data, AR/VR and Smart Cities, with a focus on one of the biggest emerging technology hubs in the world, Dubai and the Emirates. Accelerator71 helps private and public sectors to vet teams and identify new technologies in establishing a transforming technological ecosystem. 


Vision and

Mission of


Accelerator71 works to bring thought leaders and innovators under one platform where they can brainstorm, analyse, evaluate and innovate as per the changing dynamics of the economy and the requirement of the people. In this way, they are creating and innovating new business models that are built on technology that can transform cities and countries and empower the economy with investments and the creation of new job opportunities. 

The largest technological event is going to unfold in the Emirates when Dubai hosts the World Expo2020 in October of 2020. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for technology startups and SMEs to present their innovation and propose new age solutions that will transform Dubai as the most advanced high tech smart city in the world. 

Accelerator71 helps new teams integrate into the private and public sectors of the Dubai ecosystem.

Accelerator71 has set up a unique process to ensure streamlined establishment and integration into the region;

Onboarding & Validation 

Accelerator 71 helps in developing the right strategies, solutions, support and expertise on financial, technology and business advisory and also in identifying matching commercialisation opportunities in the private and public sectors in Dubai and the Emirates.  In this process, the experts at Accelerator71 will identify the scope of work and action plan. 

  • Business, tech and compliance assessment

  • Scope of work and action plan initialisation

  • RFI submission and government stakeholder(s) engagement

  • RFP submission/reverse Brief

Product and MVP Development 

Accelerator71 helps in setting up the PoC and speeding up the prototype building so that the MVP can be developed for further scalability as per the changing needs of the economy and the problems associated with it. Here, a time-constrained three-phase design sprint takes place to provide accelerated commercialisation and system development and help refine and build the product and effectively find fit with commercial needs.

  • ACM and A71 Sprint

  • PoC & Diagram and Feasible Prototyping

  • Tech compliance & policy coordination

  • Minimum Viable Product/Ecosystem development

  • IT Infrastructure implementation & management

Commercialisation and Business Development 

Accelerator71 helps in bridging the gaps between the solution providers and stakeholders or customers. In the process Accelerator71 will help in brand positioning, partnership installation, licensing and service agreements, tech commercialisation and revenue generation, to help emerging technology corporates to establish their products and solutions in Dubai.

  • Tech compliance framework development

  • Tech commercialisation & revenue generation

  • Partnership Initialisation

  • Brand and positioning

  • Licensing and service agreement structuring

Business Continuum and Scaling 

Accelerator71’s network allows for startups and scale-ups to continue their expansion throughout the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Risk Advisory

  • Performance evaluation

  • Corporate governance, structuring & capital raising

  • Treasury management

  • Market infrastructure and brand development

Accelerator71 is helping numerous technology startups to become associated with various government and private bodies in Dubai and present their ideas and plans to make Dubai one of the most advanced cities in the world. The city is still emerging and there is still a long way to go, but considering the transforming ambitious projects that are underway in Dubai cutting across AI and Blockchain, the destination seems not too far out of reach. 

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