Accelerator71 Partners with Government Blockchain Association (GBA)


Accelerator71 has partnered with the Government Blockchain Association to help new and emerging startups and corporations across the blockchain, IoT, and AI domain develop new and advanced solutions that can help to transform the Emirates and Dubai significantly. 


Blockchain has emerged as a revolutionary concept, with new developments exponentially growing its potential use cases. Whether you talk about mitigating financial fraud or data protection, Blockchain is changing lives. GBA works to collectively bring different government bodies from different parts of the world together in order to educate them about the benefits

that would be followed through the integration of blockchain technology into the scheme of work of different departments. GBA aims to ensure smooth acceptance of blockchain technology across various industries to better automate process management and logistical inefficiencies. The objective of GBA is to increase awareness and help diverse understanding of which verticals and in which segments blockchain can be implemented in government departments. 

GBA and Its  Role in Helping Startups and SMEs Introduce Blockchain


Cultivating or streamlining a positive workflow between technology verticals, policy makers, and application makers requires a reliable platform for the purpose of brainstorming and understanding new developments in Blockchain technology. At such times, the presence of a facilitator that can connect governments with solution providers assists in swift technological transformation. GBA has been bringing different governments from various parts of the world to discuss and share their viewpoints on adopting blockchain technology.  Dubai and the Emirates have become highly proactive in integrating blockchain technology in multiple sectors. A customised approach that streamlines faster opportunity identification, consideration of proposals and acceptance of solutions can speed up the process for startups and minimise timelines around project completion. GBA helps in bringing the startups, stakeholders (government & private) to discuss about technologies that can help to better the livelihood of the citizens. They have set-up a consortium of PPP models that speed up the research, development and delivery model of Blockchain solutions. Startups tend to benefit a lot from this approach, with the GBA helping in drafting and creating use cases that appeal to the problems that the government feels require a futuristic solution.

The City Impact approach is an initiative which the GBA has launched in order to help technology startups discuss  their smart solutions and in turn help support the local governments in advancing their own knowledge and understanding around these emerging technologies. In this process, the GBA works by collaborating innovators and solution providers from various parts of the world to create smart products and services that can empower local city governments. The role of the City Impact team is to act as a Project Management Office for the completion of tasks, with the core objective of ensuring that reliable resources are made available for the development of Smart Cities. They help bring global solutions on a local scale.  The Project Management Office streamlines the operations via following specific standards that cover the following aspects; 

  • Budget, Appropriations & Tracking.

  • Contract & grant management solutions to local government offices.

  • Cybersecurity solutions to local IT teams.

  • Healthcare solutions to local hospitals, research and treatment centres.

  • Land titling solutions to local property administration offices.

  • Licensing & permitting solutions to local government offices.

  • Mining & cryptocurrency solutions to stimulate economic growth.

  • Voting solutions to local election officials.

With GBA, government bodies will be in a better approachable limit for the budding technology companies who want to work on  their products and better it for the comprehensive technological transformation that they wish to bring into Dubai and the Emirates.



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