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Startups or small companies that are eventually growing require support from established organizations in the industry that can act as an accelerator for them. These accelerators play a significant role in establishing a proper channel for the startups to work on their vision and achieve their missions based on specific risk management strategies. 


Accelerator71 is helping new age startups in the technology domain to establish their market presence and position themselves in the competition for better business acquisition. Accelerator71’s key portfolio lies in helping the private and public sectors to vet technological teams and solutions. To soundly action this ambitious vision, Accelerator71 has partnered with HCi - an Australian firm that has over 35 years of experience and hands-on expertise in building some of the best technology and companies.

Fusion of Accelerator 71 & HCi for Creating New Landmarks and Workable Routes of Growth for Startups and SMEs

HCi, with its 35 year old track record, helps startups and emerging companies to grow and scale appropriately through helping them refine their tender applications and write their whitepapers or other technical and company documents. HCi’s prime role or objective of setting up a business process with Accelerator71 is to  help create a bridge between different technology startups in South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, allowing them to partner with the government and private sectors for bringing technology transformations into the Emirates. HCi in collaboration with Accelerator71 will help those companies in the ICT, Blockchain, AI, IoT and ML segment. The proposal of Smart Cities, integration of the latest technology and use of futuristic solutions to resolve key challenges will be the first and foremost objective of the association between Accelerator71 & HCi.

HCi has been built in Australia through grooming startups and SMEs by providing its specialists and staff to participate in revolutionary projects in various parts of the world. For startups and emerging companies, risk advisory and management ends up as a challenging task to perform. It is at this point where the key duties of HCi unfolds to bolster and strengthen their vision. HCi has been helping the startups and SMEs in the following manner;

  • Helping Win Revenue Through Tenders.

  • Helping in Raising Funding Via White Paper writing services.

  • Helping startups in complying with the laws, regulations and quality standards.. 

  • Helping startups in automating or creating a business process that will help them commercialise and grow their business significantly.

Startups and SMEs are looking for avenues to grow and compete in the market at present. They need a reliable partner that can understand their vision and mission and respond accordingly for building their brand and reputation. HCi’s key role is to identify the simmering opportunities by using their expertise and market knowledge. They help in creating the winning proposals that can help win tenders for the startups. The experts work out the complexities and set-up a definite execution plan under which they can frame the proposal and pitch it to the respective stakeholders. This process is not that simple either because it is not just writing the proposal and completing the bidding that helps startups win contracts - they also need a refined and pragmatic approach. In the next line of action, HCi works on segmenting and framing the laws, regulations and quality standards that will help set up the timeline of the project completion and safeguard the efforts and legalities surrounding the companies.

Top Clients Working with HCi: 


Australian Army, BAE Systems, CAE, CEA, Kellogg Brown And Root, Lockheed Martin, Logistic Engineering Services, L-3, MAG DS, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon


3inc, AgilityNetworks, Alphawest, AusRegistry, BayTechnologies, Cap Gemini, CISRA (Canon), Codarra, CommSecure,ComOps, Dialog, ECSG, Etherstack, EziSuite, Fujitsu, Hothouse, IBM, Infosys, iress, ITPM, Kaz, Keane, Konami, LanWorks, Leidos, Matrikon (Honeywell), Melbourne IT, Momentum, Myriad, NCIS,NTT, Oracle, Paycorp, Powernet, Rockend, Sappire, SAS, Sensis, Silverbrook, Sprint, Symantec, Synoptics, Veda, Westwood

Finance, Insurance and Banking:

Avant, Bendigo and Adelaide,Capital Finance, City Finance, Colonial First State, CommonwealthBank, Covermore, Credit Ombudsman, CUSCAL, Destiny Financial,Fiserv, GIO, Heta, IAG, ING, Institute of Chartered Accountants,InsuranceLine, Lumley, Mortgage Choice, NAB, OMX, QBE, RAMS,

State Super, The Tax Institute, Towers Perrin, Wealth Depot, Westpac

Dubai Expo2020 is a great opportunity for tech companies and startups in AI, Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, and Machine Learning to leave a trail in the minds of the government and private stakeholders. But this job is not as simple as it might sound. To help ease the hassles, HCi has partnered with Accelerator71 to provide technical, marketing, sales, development, engineering and promotion solutions for startups and companies wanting to mitigate their risks and obtain advisory service.State Super, The Tax Institute, Towers Perrin, Wealth Depot, Westpac

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