IBM Garage in Dubai To Propose Smart Innovations for Safeguarding the Emirates In Their Technology Journey To Emerge As The Tech Hub of The World


Dubai’s broad plan of transforming the country with futuristic technological solutions remains incomplete without the intervention of the IBM Garage. The IBM Garage Dubai is a bold initiative to offer a comprehensive innovative and transformative approach to bring experts from the Blockchain space, AI realm to make headways for emerging technology to enter the Emirates. The launch of the Dubai Expo 2020 in October will give advantageous opportunities for tech companies and startups to brainstorm with the experts at the IBM Garage and develop smart innovative solutions.

IBM Garage’s vision in Dubai is to provide agile practices and solutions that will give AI and Blockchain startups an opportunity to develop and enhance their technology via IBM's Enterprise Design Thinking approach that will ultimately help in aligning the right team of innovators, experts and professionals.

The IBM Garage Method follows five principles of functioning via the following approaches: (i) Lean Startup (ii) Design Thinking (iii) Extreme Programming (iv) Bluemix (v) Learn. To help bring transformative evolution, IBM Garage has used specific code centric

user stories, which is also known as Kanban Style Tracking, that helps developers or product owner centric associations to self organise the team for better results. Their job is to identify the pain points, explore concepts and prioritise ideas in order to evaluate the risk and give the most accurate speculation of the transformation such things can bring. The Garage Team has been especially aligned to integrate a specific engagement model that will help in understanding the technology use cases and integrate the same in the daily execution plans.

The Briefing Model 

In this process, the startups can collaborate with coders, designers, design thinkers, innovators to establish a specific operational planned approach in order to obtain the desired objectives of the problem that they are proposing to solve. 

Discovery Workshop

IBM Garage brings advanced expertise to revolutionise the technology ecosystem in the economy for transforming various industries. In this process, the experts are customising the requirements of the economy based on their findings. They follow a standard demo customisation plan that will help in integrating the technology application in various stages of development. 

Design Thinking 

In the design thinking workshop, the experts at IBM Garage define the business challenges and create amicable business solutions that help in building the project functionality whilst keeping scalability in mind. These experts offer an enterprise integration solution to better understand the challenges and define the specific solutions for the same. 


The last stage is the production model that deals with scaling the project based on specific business process engineering. In this stage, the design concepts are moved to the operational module with specific deadlines set for the completion of the project. 

The IBM Garage Dubai has been helping technology startups to understand the core areas in Dubai and the Emirates that require a Blockchain solution. The participating institutions enrol under specific Garage workshops;

The Ignite Stage begins with discussing the blockchain use cases in the economy of Dubai and the Emirates that require an innovative approach for problem solving and can extended to half a day or 12 hours. During this process, experts assess the proposed plan and set up guidelines based on which the work should progress for the completion of the project. 


For the Design Stage, IBM Garage Dubai helps technology startups to develop a deep understanding of the core areas in the economy where solutions can be applied. In this way, the technology startups get to understand the key areas of opportunity and propose a solution for the same. This processes can take somewhere in between 2 to 5 days for the completion. 

The Realise model spans over 4-10 weeks in which the minimum viable product (MVP) is validated and partially released for a trial period before it is launched to strive to solve the problem of interest. 

The last or final Scale stage of technology transformation expands to more than 12 weeks in which the MVPs are further iterated with rapid agile solutions for scalability. Experts at this stage of the IBM Garage run the solutions on various compliance protocols and parameters and release the product for use at a comprehensive level. 

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