IBM Next Gen Platform To Set-up a Consortium Platform for Technology Startups To Discuss New Age Solutions in Dubai


The Middle East has been experiencing revolutionary transformation in technology with Dubai and the Emirates applying blockchain and AI solutions for improving various sectors in the economy. For such a vision to materialize, different technology landscapes like startups and SMEs want an organised approach that can help them propose the solution, reach out to the key stakeholders and provide the blueprint of innovation. The IBM NextGen program has provided such an opportunity for  startups, SMEs and even bigger corporates in technology that want to collaborate with thought leaders and innovators in Dubai to propose their innovations and new age solutions for transforming the economy of Dubai technologically.

The IBM NextGen initiative will not only look after technological transformation but also support the economy in revenue generation and GDP scalability. Emerging technology companies are enthused to associate with the IBM NextGen initiative because they need smart architecture design, accelerated revenue growth and open source platforms that the NextGen platform aims to deliver via its service module. 

IBM NextGen Process: What it Aims to Achieve in Dubai?

The IBM Next Gen process has been dedicated towards bringing a technological transformation in Dubai by integrating a twin faced technology model that works on IT business improvement and also introducing digital business innovation in the Emirates. The IBM NextGen solution has been working on creating a next generation ecosystem that will empower technology in the Emirates and Dubai by introducing advanced use cases across AI, blockchain, data analytics, robotics and IoT in healthcare, BFSI, transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, and the construction sector.

The Next Gen process is working to bring mobility as a service in vehicle production, intelligent solutions in the product vertical, wellcare systems in pharmaceutical and healthcare, data driven risk mitigation in the insurance sector, futuristic customer service in telecommunications and service reliability in the transportation sector for transforming lives in Dubai and the Emirates. Such an approach will help in bagging high value clients from various parts of the world to invest in Dubai and get considerable ROI from their investments. The thought leaders and innovators will associate with the IBM Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) that will safeguard the IP or Intellectual Property of the solution provider so that they can market themselves and broaden their vision of exploring and innovating as per the changing market dynamics for mutual benefits both for the solution providers, clients and people of the Emirates and Dubai. The NextGen initiative will help in creating a favorable market for the revolutionary projects that various service providers in AI, ML, IoT and Blockchain technology are building. In this initiative, the experts at IBM NextGen will also provide the support and advocacy required for pitching their products and services.

To bolster smarter solutions to make headway, IBM NextGen has engineered a specific solution that will support advanced disruptions to change the Emirates as the technology hub of the world. To help achieve this ambitious plan, IBM NextGen has been working to provide application solution services that uses Watson Oncology, Watson cyber security, virtual agents, risk & compliance management and asset management techniques. In the AI domain, the developers are supported by discovery, tone analyser, knowledge query,  and personal insights. Such an approach significantly helps in building a sustainable cloud based infrastructure that can be scaled as per the changing requirements of diverse sectors in the economy.

The IBM NextGen initiative has set-up a specific model that will allow the innovators and thought leaders to discuss on an open platform and identify specific regional pain points. It is a wonderful opportunity for startups and emerging technology companies to pitch their smart concepts and capitalise on the opportunities that are shaping across the technology domain in the Emirates and Dubai. 

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