Accelerator71 Participates in the Smart Cities Global Initiative To Speak About the Important of Data Strategy in Smart Cities 


Dubai and the Emirates have bold plans to transform their economy technologically five years down the line. The region has been heavily investing in technology through setting up advisory bodies and platforms that help attract technology startups to present their smart innovative solutions. 

The Smart Cities Global Initiative (SCGN) took place in collaboration with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and Smart Dubai, revolving around the theme of “Data for Better Cities”. Accelerator71’s CEO, Ashton Hettiarachchi, was invited as one of the panel guests along with Justin McGowan (Commissioner General - Australia Expo 2020 Dubai), Steve Scott (Executive Advisor UK, Europe & Middle East, GHD Advisory), Rick Wylie (Chief Executive Officer at KeyOptions), Andrew Collinge (Smart Dubai Data Advisor at Smart Dubai Office) and Dr. Okan Geray (Strategic planning Advisor at Smart Dubai Office). Here, the panelists proposed various aspects of data science and how these aspects have the potential to transform lives of citizens in multiple cities, envisaged a gateway to strive for innovative transformation in the key sectors of Dubai technologically and also looked at how to establish marketplaces where PPP models can create real-time solutions.

The core aim of the SCGN Conference was to  identify smart technologies and innovations that will help in building Dubai’s Smart City. To help achieve this goal, fostering healthy collaborations with key players in urban transformation and promotion of digital transformation in Dubai will be pivotal. Because of such vision for Dubai, the government bodies in Dubai and the Emirates are collaborating with  Accelerators and technology startups that help them adopt a scalable data strategy and focus more on the Dubai Pulse Platform- the podium that will lead the way of technology transformation in Dubai. 

There has been rigorous research going on to understand the use cases of data in making cities smarter and more friendly for its citizens. Initiatives like the Paperless and Happiness Agendas, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, AI Principles & Ethics, Startup Support, AI Lab and the Smart Cities Global Network have been created for integrating better AI, ML, IoT and Blockchain use cases for technology transformation and sustainability in the economy. 

Smart Dubai has been engaged in one of its most ambitious projects in which numerous stakeholders would collaborate to create a sustainable data strategy. To bolster and streamline the strategy, the Smart Dubai initiative has been setting up the rules of participation for the technology startups to fuel the rapid transformation of the economy. In this way, Smart Dubai is also creating a unique approach for setting up data use cases. Numerous projects like UAE Pass, DubaiNowApp, Smart Employee App, Smart Supplier , Happiness App and Dubai Career Meter are a few smart solutions that will showcase the best use of data to make Dubai the Smartest City in the world with a vision to enhance and better the happiness of its citizens.



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